To use call whispering do the following :

1. Login to your Ziwo admin account

2. Click on"Open" on the right side of the page where it says "Click to open a standalone dashboard on a new tab(needed for call whispering)"

3. Look for the agent section, and from there choose an agent you wish to do call whispering with - select the 3 dot  icon  on the right and then select the call whisper icon (ear icon)

4. A panel will appear on the right that will show the call that is currently ongoing with the agent.

There are four buttons you can use while doing call whispering :

1. Listen/Mute - set to be selected by default once the call whispering function is launched and you can listen to the current call

2. Whisper to agent - lets you talk to the agent without the person on the other side of the call hearing you

3. Join the call - both parties will be able to hear you

4. Stop listening/Close - this closes the call whispering interface