1.    To make an outbound call, you must enter the number in the international dialing format into the dial pad otherwise the       call will not get connected. 

      (International format is + or 00 followed by the country code then the number. For example, If I want to make a call to                 UAE, you need to enter this format: +971XXXXXXXXX).

2.     Another way to make an outbound call is done as follows:

  • Go to the “Recent Calls” section found on the left hand side of the dial pad.

  •  Place the mouse over any number, a green “Call Again” button  appears.

  • Click on the green button and the call will start ringing.

3.     At Last, you can make an outbound call by going to Calls section, then place the mouse over the Call again button for              the number which you want to dial.