General Settings:

  • Music on hold: You can upload your customized audio file to be played when agents are putting customers on hold during the call.
  • Caller ID: This is the call center number which will be displayed when calling customers.
  • Your Time Zone: This is the default time zone for your platform which is required for correct time conversation when creating reports, setting up working hours and creating outbound campaigns for the auto dialer.
  • Export Limit: This is the maximum number of records you can export in a report.
  • Agent Interface:

               - Hide phone number to agents

               - Classical Interface (calls only): When disabled, the agent interface will show WhatsApp interface in addition to calls.


  • SLA: your call center SLA, Service Level Agreement, is defined as what percentage of the calls are answered within a threshold amount. Business standard SLA is 80% of calls being answered within 20 seconds but you may change it to your own standards. You can also choose to exclude abandoned calls while waiting in the queue by setting the required value for Minimum duration to count Abandoned calls (In Sec). For example, you can exclude abandoned calls within 5 sec from the SLA by setting the value to 5.
  • FCR (First Call Resolution)
  • Clean calls: For being meaningful, a calls needs to have a minimum duration of talk time in seconds.
  • Phantom calls: Calls less than a certain talk time duration in seconds are tagged as “Phantom calls”.

End Of Call Survey:

You can design your own NPS, CSAT or CES survey in 4 languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and French by uploading the required audio files of your survey in the related fields below. You can enable the survey for a desired queue or all queues based on your needs.

  • Language: Arabic, English, French and Spanish.
  • Request For Survey Audio: You are asking the permission of the customer whether they want to participate or not in the survey.
  • Survey Audio: This is script of your survey and it should be built always on a scale from 0 to 9.
  • Incorrect Input Audio: In case the customer is entering other value than 0 to 9.
  • Thank you Audio: This the audio file where you are thanking the customer for participating in the survey.
  • Activate Additional Feedback: You are interested in hearing the customer's feedback in addition to the rating.
  • Survey for Outgoing Calls: You can enable this feature for your outbound calls where the agent needs to ask for the customer's permission to participate in the survey before transferring the customer to the survey at the end of the call.


  • Enable WhatsApp service
  • Add your WhatsApp number where the WhatsApp for business API was activated on. (This number can be a landline or mobile or toll free or unified number (9200 in KSA)).
  • Link to Queue: You must create a queue for WhatsApp so that you can receive WhatsApp conversations from customers and based on the queue strategy, WhatsApp conversations will be assigned to agents who are added to this queue.
  • Connection Credentials: Enter the credentials of your WhatsApp for business API service provider. Currently, we have integrations only with and Infobip. 
  • Configurations:

             - Conversation Limit for Agent: The maximum number of new and opened conversations each agent can handle.

             - Agent Response Timeout (In Sec): Agents must respond to customers conversations within this set time, if exceed                   then the conversation will be assigned to another agent.

              - Automatic Conversation Reopen Time Limit (In Sec): Agents need to close the conversation after they are done                       with the customer. After closing the conversation, if the customer sends a new conversation within the set reopen                   time limit then it will reopen the same conversation otherwise it will create a new conversation which will be                             assigned to a new agent.

  • Reassign Agent Conversations When Away: When this feature is activated, all new and opened conversations for agents who are on a break or meeting or logged out will be transferred to the new agents.
  • Working Hours: You can set the working hours for the WhatsApp queue and you can customize the outside working hours message which customers will receive if they are sending you outside working hours.


  • API key: This is the API key needed for any integration with ZIWO.